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GALAXY UNITED. We are looking to see some crazy debates between intelligent minds across the world and bring them together on a same platform. Its an initiative to show the path to a novice who has keen interest in doing something and publish it to the world. It’s not a…


Bromance over Romance

Friends are those spieces whom we don’t share even a drop of blood but they acquire the most important spot in our life. They are the once who trust us more than we do and lift your feet up when your wings are broke. They are an access to ultimate craziness, sarcasm and laughter. Friends […]

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It’s not your fault.

Today I woke up with this news!  and this is not for the first time me or you are hearing something like this we have been hearing such things since childhood but enough of this now! Enough of a woman being shamed for being raped, enough of them feeling guilty when it’s not even their […]

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Friendzoning is all bullshit

Ethics of friendship are truanted in this pop culture. The word friendship refers to me as abundance of joy, memories and innocence but these friendzoning notions have created all the chaos and have termed friendly feeling as culpable misdeed. Why is that the word which defines dignified connections is considered undignified and not a single […]

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There’s no better indulgence other than writing and there’s no better platform than your own blog. Its been a month since I started blogging and I am greatful to     for nominating me for The LIEBSTER award. This blog will give you amazeballs guyz I suggest you to make an effort to probe […]

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Let them wonder

I was completely a divergent person from who I am today. A person who believed in bragging about everything I am and everything I know but older me is ascertained that more unrevealed you are, more powerful you become. It does not matter what people know about you. A precocious person knows that it’s ok […]

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Back to school

As a child I always wanted to grow up. When I was in school  the biggest fascination  of growing up for me was freedom unaware of the fact that real happiness was hidden in breaking rules. Those broken pencils were better than broken hearts and  incomplete homework was better than unfulfilled dreams the only thing […]

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Lets Get Back

Lets get back in the time, When childern had playgrounds to play instead of playstations,    when on waking up people grabbed newspapers instead of phones,  when people had handful of read letters instead of hundereds of unread messages, when people lived the moments instead of snapchatting,                 […]

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